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Friends of Toby Nixon
12113 NE 141st St.
Kirkland WA 98034

Toby Nixon
Kirkland City Council
Position 4


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I appreciate very much the opportunity you've given me to serve as a member of the Kirkland City Council!

To build the Kirkland we want for tomorrow, we need a city government that is fiscally responsible, encouraging to local businesses, and open and accountable to our citizens. I'm using my experience, knowledge, and skills, honed as your representative in the state legislature and as a fire commissioner, to build Kirklandís tomorrow.

I want Kirkland to be an example of openness and accountability to cities throughout Washington, and go beyond the minimal basic requirements of state law on government transparency and ethics. We now have in place a Code of Ethics that is among the strongest in Washington. We've updated our policies and practices on public records disclosure, and making information available to you simply and proactively online to ensure that you have access to the information you need quickly and cost-effectively. You have a right to know what your city officials are doing, and to expect them to serve in the public interest and not for personal or political gain. You have a right to participate in establishing the future policies of our city and to clear and fair notice when changes are proposed. I'm working to ensure that Kirkland does an even better job being open, transparent, and accountable to you.

We need jobs and businesses in Kirkland to grow if we expect the best services for our neighborhoods and families. Our business and zoning regulations and tax policies must accommodate innovation and growth, while protecting the unique character of Kirkland and our neighborhoods. We canít drive away vital investment and family-wage jobs for our families by micro-managing businesses from the city council chamber.

As co-chair of Citizens for One Kirkland, the committee that supported annexation of Kingsgate, North Juanita, and Finn Hill into Kirkland, I worked hard to bring our city together and make it One. Iíve worked toward this goal for more than a decade. Iím committed to bringing all parts of our city together, building a sustainable budget, and providing the essential services that the citizens and businesses in Kirkland deserve and expect.

If you ever have a question for me, don't hesitate to contact me when it's convenient for you. Just give me a call at 206-790-6377 or email me at toby@tobynixon.com (or tnixon@kirklandwa.gov if it's official city business). I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,